January 2009



The main additions in Amine 6 (in comparison to Amine 5) include:

  1. Integration in Amine of Standard CGIF notation. This extension will enhance interoperability between Amine and other CG tools (like CharGer). See CG for more detail. Please note that previous versions of Amine used a different syntax for CGIF notation. To assure compatibility with these versions, Amine 6 adopts a CGIF syntax that integrates standard CGIF notation and "Amine proper CGIF notation". A CG that was stored in "Amine proper CGIF notation" is still readable by Amine, but it will be "recycled" in standard CGIF notation (i.e. a new save of the CG, in CGIF, will use standard CGIF notation). Also, a CG with actors, expressed in Standard CGIF notation, is now translated to "Amine CG (with activable concepts)", and n-adic relations (with n > 2) are now translated to concepts and dyadic relations.

  2. The addition of Text Ontology Editor in Ontology Editors GUI. See Ontology/KB Editors GUI

  3. Several extensions/changes concerning SYNERGY (See Synergy for more detail):

    1. The possibility to call Synergy from Java code.

    2. The possibility to call Synergy from other components of Amine.

    3. No ontology should be loaded to edit/execute programs/requests with primitives operations only. In previous versions of Amine (and especially of Synergy in Amine), the user should "Load First Synergy Ontology" (to load Synergy primitives) and then load an ontology in order to edit and execute any Synergy program/request. Now, Synergy Ontology is automatically loaded (by Synergy interpreter) so that user can directly edit and execute programs/requests that contains only Synergy primitives operations. No ontology should be loaded for that purpose.

    4. To enhance compatibility with CharGer, identifiers of operations in CharGer are added as synonyms to the same operations in Synegy. For instance, user can use "Add" (the identifier of Addition in Synergy) or "plus" (the identifier of Addition in CharGer) for the addition operation.

    5. The possibility to check functional dependency of a CG. This new functionality of Synergy corresponds to the main and only activation mechanism/mode of CharGer.

    6. Beside "User Step By Step", we now provide  "System Step By Step" mode. User can see the progressive activation/animation of an executable CG.

    7. All the examples of Synergy programs/requests are (now) stored in standard CGIF notation (in addition to LF notation).

    8. A list of Synergy Primitives is provided through menu "Help/SynergyPrimitives".

    9. A brief comparison is provided between Synergy and CharGer.

    10. The document on Synergy has been completely updated.

  4. The possibility to apply Memory Based Deductive Inference on Rules with activable/executable CG as antecedents. Synergy is used, in this case, in conjunction with Memory Based Deductive Inference. See Memory Based Inferences.

  5. GUI for Classification/KnowledgeIntegration Engine is now separated from GUI for MemoryBased Inferences; we provide now two GUI; one for Classification/KnowledgeIntegration Engine and another for MemoryBased Inferences.

  6. Amine Platform GUI has been redesigned to better reflect the current composition and architecture of Amine.

  7. Graph (and CG) Drawing Editor has been enhanced, especially the edition of concepts and relations.

  8. Graphic information for CG is now systematically stored/loaded.

  9. A Popup Menu has been added to TextEditors (like CGTextEditor); it provides edition operations (Cut, Copy, Past).

  10. A list of Prolog+CG primitives is provided in menu "Help/Prolog+CG Primitives". See Prolog+CG.

  11. Samples for CGOperations (via CGOperations GUI) have been refined and reorganized to enable their direct use and test.

  12. The document on Prolog+CG has been updated. See Prolog+CG.

  13. Bugs have been fixed.

  14. Amine WebSite has been updated to take into account the above extensions.

  15. A new rubric is added in Amine WebSite : "Projects" which provides a list of projects to do in order to enhance or extend or use Amine Platform.