February 2007




The main additions in Amine 4 (in comparison to Amine 3) include :

  1. Additions in the Ontology GUI, especially Ontology Graphic Editor, Browser Graphic Editor and Ontology Automatic Drawing. Also several "small" additions have been added: popup list associated to Find action, a better organization of concept popup menu, visualization of content frame with a left click, etc. See Ontology GUI for more detail.

  2. Modifications in Prolog+CG GUI, especially a better organization of Prolog+CG GUI and the associated console. Console actions are placed now in the Console frame. Also, Prolog+CG GUI 4 includes a stylised text editor (with different colors for different lexical categories). See Prolog+CG GUI for more detail.

  3. Additions in Synergy and Synergy GUI: it is extended in two directions: a) Synergy 4 includes the possibility to call Java methods from Synergy program (like Prolog+CG), b) integration of the possibility to perform dynamic programming. See Synergy and Synergy GUI for more detail.

  4. Implementation of the Multi-Agents System layer. See MAS layer for more detail. We provide also Renaldo as an example of a MAS system designed and implemented thanks to the MAS layer of Amine.

  5. Several bugs and changes have been fixed.