The Kernel of Amine







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The Kernel of Amine Platform is its first level: it offers a possibility to create, edit, update and ask a conceptual ontology defined in terms of Conceptual Structures -CS- (definition, canon, individual and schema/situation). Several conceptual lexicons can be associated to an ontology (i.e. lexicons for English, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc.) allowing multi-lingua conceptual ontology.

Amine is not committed to a specific description scheme, i.e. the developer can use, for the description of the CSs, Conceptual Graphs (CG), KIF, Frame-like notation, RDF, XML or any description scheme that is implemented in Java and that implement AmineObject and Matching interfaces.

The kernel of Amine is implemented as a Java package called "kernel" that contains itself two packages: "lexicons" and "ontology". The kernel is a “stand-alone” component; the "kernel" package can be used without the other packages and even without the adoption of any description scheme (see Ontology and Samples for more detail on this possibility).

In addition to the APIs for the creation and use of an ontology with its associated lexicons, Amine offers a graphic interface, called LexiconsOntology GUI, to create, edit, change, and browse an ontology.

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