October 2010



The main additions/modifications from Amine 6 to Amine 7 are :

  1. Currently, one thread of research in the context of Amine Platform is interoperability. To enhance interoperability, we are developing several mapping between Amine Ontology and other formalisms (like OWL), and between Conceptual Graphs and other Knowledge Representation formalisms. At the implementation level, we have added a new package to AminePlatform: the package mapping, which contains two packages: ontology_mapping and knowledgeRepresentation_mapping. Currently, ontology_mapping package contains a package for the mapping between Amine Ontology and OWL: amineOnt_OWL.

We have implemented also a mapping from type hierarchy and relation hierarchy created with CharGer and stored in "cgx" format, to Amine Ontology. For instance, a user can create type hierarchy and relation hierarchy with CharGer, store them in "cgx" format, and then he/she can open the "cgx file" with OntologyGUI of Amine. Once the mapping is done, Amine ontology is created and change has been affected to the ontology, this later shoud be stored in "xml format".

  1. A mapping between a subset of Amine Ontology and OWL (taxonomic ontology) has been integrated to Amine.

  2. In Ontology creation by Ontology GUI, specification of relation root type is now mandatory.

  3. Search (or Information Retrieval) process is now accessible directly from OntologyGUI. The located node in the ontology (or in the KB) that satisfy the search is now selected and highlighted.

  4. Also, classification-based knowledge integration and generalization-based knowledge integration are now clearly formulated in DynamicOntologyGUI. The new node that contains the new information/knowledge is now selected and highlighted.

  5. XML encoding has been changed from "UTF-8" to "ISO-8859-1". Now, special characters (like , , , , , etc.) can be used and stored in the xml format.

  6. Karim Bouzoubaa and his Ph.D. student Lahcen ???? have produced an Amine Ontology version of WordNet with synonyms in Arabic for some types. This ontology is stored in "samples/ontology/AWNOntology.xml" in AminePlatform.

  7. Some bugs and misconceptions have been fixed.

  8. Amine WebSite has been updated to take into account the above additions/modifications.