January 2008




The main additions in Amine 5 (in comparison to Amine 4) include:

  1. Introduction of CSRULE as a new Conceptual Structure and Component in an Ontology (and a Knowledge Base), beside Definition, Canon, Individual and Situation. See Ontology and CS for more detail.


  1. Amine 5.0 introduces two new layers: Knowledge Base Layer that allows for the creation, edition and use of KB, and Memory-Based Inference and Learning Strategies layer that provides several memory-based inference and learning strategies.


  1. Dynamic Integration Process has been "decompressed" in different processes, taking into account the variety of Conceptual Structures, of ontologies, and of KB that can be constructed: Amine provides now definition integration process, situation integration process, rule integration process, heterogenous integration process. Also, the three modes of integration process are now clearly defined: classification-based integration process, generalization-based integration process, and information retrieval process.


  1. Some bugs and changes have been fixed.


  1. Amine WebSite has been updated to take into account these extensions. Also, Amine5 Web Site comes with a new Home Page.