Amine Platform GUIs






Amine Platform provides several GUIs :

  1. Amine Platform Suite GUI which offers references (as buttons) to all GUIs of the Platform,

  2. Ontology/KB GUI which offers a GUI for the creation, edition and exploitation of ontologies and KB,

  3. CG Editors GUI which is an MDI, multi-lingua and multi-notation (LF, CGIF and Graphic) CG editors,

  4. CGOperations GUI which enables the application of various operations on specific CGs,

  5. BasicOntology Processes GUI which provides access to three basic ontology processes: elaboration, elicitation and information retrieval processes,

  6. DynamicOntology GUI or Learning (Classification/KnowledgeIntegration) GUI enables the application of automatic Classification and automatic Knowledge Integration engines,

  7. MemoryBased Inferences GUI which enables the application of Memory (Ontology/KB) Based inference,

  8. Prolog+CG GUI is the GUI for Prolog+CG language.

  9. Synergy GUI is the GUI for Synergy language.