Memory Based Inferences GUI







Ontology/KB/Memory Based inferences includes (for the moment) Deduction, Abduction and Analogy. Figure 1 shows the main frame of Ontology/KB/Memory Based inferences GUI. The three inference modes are represented by three buttons "Deduction", "Abduction" and "Analogy".


Figure 1: Ontology/KB/Memory Based inferences GUI

Figure 2 shows the case of activating button "Deduction"; the same scheme holds for "Abduction" and "Analogy". After the activation of button "Deduction", Amine provides "Memory-Based Inferences Frame" to enter/edit the proposition/description for which we launch the deduction process.

Figure 2: Memory-Based Inferences Frame - Case of Deduction

Figure 3 shows the result of Memory-Based Deductive Inference.

Figure 3: Result of Memory Based Deductive Inference